Casino Leaves Players Behind

Golden Palace, a leading online casino company, known for its zany publicity stunts and shocking purchases, is officially closing its virtual doors to its US fans and online casino players. Because of the recent legislation which passed in the US recently, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has taken another online casinos casualty. Online gambling companies are turning their backs on their US patrons out of fear that they will break the law by offering their services to American online gamblers.

It is quite a shock to online casino players and fans that have been loyal to Golden Palace. With so many contests, and its ever famous Museum of Oddities, this online casino was always a destination for many online casino fans and headline-seeking people all over the world. This news will definitely hurt many online casino fans who have loved Golden Palace for so long. It will especially affect those who participated in the various advertising stunts the company sponsored.

Casino affiliates have been informed that Golden Palace online casino players will be transferred to Golden Casino. Golden Palace is neither a partner nor is it an affiliate with this online casino. However, many see this as an attempt to use brand recognition to send online casino players to a site which seems very similar, until players use the software. The exact date when US players will be locked out of Golden Palace has yet to be released.

Casino Gambling Guest

Most online casino sites give gamblers a chance to be a guest at their sites which means you can test out the goods, in this case the online casino games on offer, before you actually deposit any money. In other words you can play for free without any commitment to any online casino site.

‘Free play’ not only gives online casino fans a chance to see which online casino sites and games they like, it also gives them an opportunity to build up their confidence when playing online casino games which might be new to them, they can work on their skills and strategies without worrying about how much money they might be losing.

This possibility of being a gambling guest at online casino sites gives these sites a big advantage over land casinos. Can you imagine asking if you can play for free at a land casino? They would think you were crazy. Online casino sites are different however, and they are clever enough to realize that once someone has played for free for a while, there is a very good chance that he/she will eventually deposit money and start playing for real. So go ahead and enjoy being a gambling guest at an online casino of your choice – you have nothing to lose!

Blackjack Tips

The game of blackjack is well-known worldwide and very popular at both land-based and online casino sites. In contrary to many other games, the main goal in Blackjack is to beat the dealer, without crossing the 21 mark. When playing it at an online casino site, you must pay careful attention to the dealers’ methods of revealing the cards, and find out the number of decks of cards which are used, as it can vary from one casino to another – from a single deck up to 15 decks.

One of the most important aspects of the game is when to double down. Most online casino sites let you apply doubling down on 9, 10 or 11, and it’s recommended to do so when the dealer is showing busting cards. According to some statistics, it is advisable to double down, as it increases your chances and lowers the house edge to less than 1%. Nevertheless, there are cases when doubling down is not the best option, and as an online casino gambler gains experience he will be able to realize which is the best strategy he can use in every situation.

One of the main reasons that the game of Blackjack is so popular among online casino players is the fact that the house edge changes its value according to the specific skill. But even if you’re just a casual gamer, with no prior knowledge and without any strategies, online casino Blackjack can also be the perfect game for you. Just be careful, and don’t go over 21.

Payout Percentage Reports

Payouts at online casinos are not guaranteed, but is there a way to find out which games pay out the most, or at least provide the best chances for winning? As a matter of fact, there are online casino payout percentage reports which offer visitors a look into the world of a particular online casino’s games and how they rank up against each other in the realm of providing cool payouts to their customers. These payout percentage reports are available in specific sections of online casino websites.

Not all online casino games are created equal, and neither are payout percentage reports. They often change monthly, and can reflect the mood swings of online casino customers as much as they can the ability of slots to pay out payouts compared to poker or roulette. There is nothing wrong with wanting to play one game over another because the payout percentage report gives the impression that to do so would result in higher payouts. But then, as stated before, there are no guarantees.

If you play an online casino game only once, don’t be surprised if you don’t get a payout. This doesn’t invalidate the online casino payout percentage report, but should instead help you to realize that you’re going to have to play a game more than once if you really want to see the payout percentage report be proven true or false. Finding out which games can payout the most doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find the games that do payout the most. That happens by playing the games themselves.